Farrellys Sport was established in 2018 with the vision to reinvent the relationship between club and the supplier. 

We aim to bring a high end, fashionable approach into designing and crafting football kit's. Farrellys Sport provide a professional and premium service at a attainable price point.

We want to change the way clubs look at kit deals. We will never just be a kit supplier to any of our clubs, we will form a partnership in which will help the club prosper and reach new levels the club didn't know was possible.


Farrellys Sport offer a completely bespoke and unique service to your club/team. We have worked hard to build a very strong and reliable reputation while prioritising customer service.

With a in-house designing team we create designs which are like no other. Our team work very closely with the club/team to create a perfect design in which represents your club like nobody else can.

From the outset UK manufacturing was our number one priority. We wanted to have full control over lead times and quality control.

Our factory is based in the North of England and this gives us an advantage over any other bespoke company as we have full control over the factory meaning timescales and deadlines WILL be hit and quality of the garments are of the highest quality.


With half our of our background been in the high-end fashion industry making sure our materials of our garments were of the highest standard was vital for us.

We spent are 8 months researching different materials to ensure we get the perfect material both for fit and endurance.

We are confident our material will challenge any sportswear material currently on the market.

Our vision is simple we want to dominate this industry and create exiting partnerships with grass roots, semi-professional and professional clubs worldwide.

We want our concept to influence our partner clubs and bring a level of excitement in a different avenue other than the football they play. 

We want to make every club feel prioritised and we will go above and beyond for the club/team no matter how big or small.

We don't want to simply take part in the long list of football kit suppliers, we want to take over.